I recently got a chance to sit down for an interview with two of the founders of Warpaint Records, Kris Ware and John Mullinix in Los Angeles, Calif. and pick their brain. Warpaint Records is a forward-thinking label that focuses on breaking through barriers in the EDM scene, and are giving the underdogs a “fighting chance.” Check out our exclusive interview and some of Warpaint Records’ best releases below.

What motivated you guys to start Warpaint?

Kris: Basically my brother and I started a music project of our own called “The Butcher Brotherz”, a couple of years ago. With the popularity of our online radio show growing, we started to get a lot of shows across the east coast, during which time multitude of artists from all over would send us music. Those people were the start of Warpaint Records, we came from the underground and we wanted to bring up those deserving from that scene. Our first release was a compilation of different styles and genres of music and the label was based upon that idea, breaking the mold. We wanted to create a place to help the underdogs, the rising standout talent the world has yet to hear. We didn’t want to limit ourselves to one genre, but rather span multiple styles from future bass, dubstep, hip-hop, house, trap and everything in between. This whole journey so far has been a very rewarding experience, without a big artist backing this label, it was all started from a grassroots movement.

How did you guys meet?

John: Kris was doing a radio show, and we started talking on twitter because he contacted my dj duo group I was in called The Socialites. He sent me a tweet, we started talking and he was telling me what he was doing, and how he wanted to make a record label. We could expose underground guys, and give them a fighting chance in the industry. We can teach them the skills they need, like career and cultural values to succeed.

Where do you see Warpaint going in the next five years?

Kris and John: I think we’ll be a staple industry name, that’s respected on an international scale. I feel like we’re building our platform, and focusing on our fans. We’re trying to spread the message organically, so it’s only a matter of time, with us making the right moves until our label gets to a critical mass point. We’re gonna be putting out more music, throwing shows, and planning on tours for some of the artists. Also doing alliances with other companies, so we can cross promote and get the most exposure for our guys. To reach the most amount of people, to influence with the music. I see that Warpaint Records will be the label you give your best to, what you give and what you think you should give. We hope to be the top tier of being open to creativity. I think another reason we want to make a record label that’s willing to have experimental music, is so often people judge success, off of the success of what’s happening now. Versus the success of what is to come. So if house music is hot right now, that producers who are making dubstep or trap are making house to get the exposure that they need, but they know their music won’t be accepted if it’s too different. We wanted to give priority on art, and the art of music. Exposure the realness and rawness of that. We didn’t want to create an environment based on imitation, rather based on self expression. A different type of energy. There’s going to be some big collaborations coming, and we will see you at some of the bigger events this year!

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