It looks like Liquid Stranger has found the two perfect words to describe his eclectic style of electronic music production. Weird & Wonderful, the title of his upcoming six-track EP, encapsulates everything that is awesome about Liquid Stranger. From the beautiful, ambient tracks like “Launch,” (the Liquid Stranger I fell in love with years ago), to straight up relentless heaters like “SPACEBOSS,” this release consists of six diverse, but equally massive tracks, which will satisfy the different appetites of Liquid Stranger’s legion of loyal fans.

Though he might be a household name to the day-one electronica fans by now, there are still plenty of potential listeners who will discover Liquid Stranger through this EP. This is a great place to start. The Swedish, underground bass wizard has been in the game for longer than most may know. Weird & Wonderful will be his 13th EP, adding to a discography that dates back to 2004.

Unbounded by genres, Liquid Stranger effortlessly meanders through all of his signature styles on this project, almost as a sampler of his entire career. If this is your first introduction to Liquid Stranger, I’d be very surprised if you aren’t hungry for what else he has to offer. Lucky for you, he has six full-length albums under his belt, full of equally diverse tunes that you found in this Weird & Wonderful EP.

Stream the EP in it’s entirety below, and make sure you have some sub-bass in those headphones so you can fully appreciate the trademark Liquid Stranger sounds.