Tchami’s name is synonymous with top-quality house music. It doesn’t matter if it’s through himself or the various high-caliber producers on his year-old house label, CONFESSION. Where Tchami goes, the bangers will follow. Tchami just kicked off his “Prophecy” Tour this week with fellow CONFESSION artists Mercer and Angelz, and just last night dropped one of his best tunes yet, “Adieu.”

“Adieu” is soaked with happy summertime vibes and a bass line so groovy that you’ll just have to get up and shuffle. For me, it’s gotten better with every listen. The familiar, gospel-like vocals slowly build up the song into a perfectly executed drop that repeats itself several times. Tchami really brings everything he has to the table on this nearly seven minute long jam.

With this new single officially released, we can be hopeful that Tchami has an EP in the works for us. There was a mysterious tropical track by the artist that leaked on the internet last week titled “World To Me,” but it’s since been deleted. Perhaps that potential EP isn’t too far around the corner.

Do yourself a favor and start your week out the right way by jamming to this gem of a track, “Adieu,” below. Oh, and be sure check to see if Tchami is coming to a city near you. His shows are simply out of this world.