Just months after Bromance Records’ five-year anniversary, the lauded label is coming to an end. Co-founder Manu Barron took to Facebook yesterday afternoon to announce the unfortunate news, posting a farewell message on behalf of the largely Paris-based crew. Brodinski and Guillaume Berg, also co-founders, have released a retrospective mix on the label’s SoundCloud as one last parting gift to dedicated fans around the world. Stream the mix below.

Since its inception in 2011, Bromance has released a slew of explosive music from artists like Gesaffelstein, Louisahhh!!!, Danny Brown, and Myd. Rather than favoring one genre over another, each artist fuses them together in surprising fashion, often with electronic and hip-hop beats flawlessly flowing into one another – and this created a signature Bromance sound. The label gained notoriety for its parties, which were all-night affairs filled with loaded line-ups and plenty of spontaneous sets.

Barron is quick to explain that the label ended on amicable terms, writing that although their reasons shall, in some part, remain private, they would always “remain united and will always be the first ones to give support to our friends’ new projects.”

As well as his fellow musicians and business partners, Barron gives thanks to the cult-like following the label amassed during its near-six-year run:

“We also have to thank the public who’ve been following us, because we did not do much to win their loyalty. But they all know it was just a fact, an obligation because of the very DNA of our history.”