The music festival giants behind Coachella and Bonnaroo may have something huge up their sleeves for city of Denver. The two companies, AEG (Coachella) and Superfly (Bonnaroo/Outside Lands) are hoping to launch a type of super-festival by mid-September 2018, that would potentially take place at Denver’s Overland Golf Course, the oldest course in the state.

If Denver learned anything from hosting Bassnectar’s two-day festival, Bass Center, in 2016, it’s that its residents will be concerned with the noise and disturbance a festival of that magnitude will entail. That is why last week AEG held a meeting at the Overland clubhouse, to pitch the details of the event to the community, hoping they would be on board.

So far, the community has been generally split on what they want to do. David Ehrlich, the representative for AEG at the meeting, stated multiple times that the festival would not be forced on anyone, and that it would only be held at Overland Golf Course if the people wanted it. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, a supporter of the potential festival, was also at the meeting, and explained that it could bring in an estimated $1 million to $2.5 million to the city.

There will be more meetings held over the next few weeks to gauge public support of the project. If the Overland community ends up rejecting the proposal, AEG and Superfly will have to consider other venues. Their goal, however, is to keep the festival as close to Denver as they possibly can. They certainly have their work cut out for them. Denver has been referred to as a “music festival graveyard” by Westword magazine. The buzz around social media is that the younger music fans desperately want an event like this, but that the older generation of locals are fighting it as best they can.

As a resident in Denver, I can tell you that the music scene here is absolutely buzzing, especially when it comes to electronic and jam bands. Anyone who lives here, or is somewhat familiar with the scene, will tell you that. There are constantly people pouring into Denver from all around the country, for many different reasons. I think it’s about time that the city gets its own Coachella/Outside Lands-tier festival, in order to rake in some extra cash each year. There will be a large part of the community that will fight this project tooth and nail, but I hope that AEG and Superfly can come up with a way to make this happen.