Unique sound design is making a comeback in the EDM world, as artists are starting to bend and break the boundaries of established genres. Australia-based duo Midnight Pool Party perfectly exemplifies this particular originality, specifically in their most recent release: “Collide.” The track opens with a heavily reverbed synth progression layered over muffled wubs. Soothing vocals ride in with quiet kicks to signal an elated feeling of toe-tappingĀ contentment. It only takes forty seconds for the chorus to make its appearance, as the previous wubs make a triumphant return. I truly never thought wubby sound design could be used in such a mellow timbre, but Midnight Pool Party definitely found a way to make it work. And it works f*cking great.

Although Midnight Pool Party has been in the game for over three years now, the EDM community is finally starting to take notice, as they recently surpassed the 5k follower milestone on SoundCloud. Make sure to check out all their previous tracks as well, since 2017 will surely be their year to conquer.



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