To the layman, a consecutive four-day US tour would be enough to sleep the week off. However, British house DJ, Low Steppa, seems fresh as a daisy after wrapping up his east coast and west coast tours. Aside from relentless touring, Low Steppa runs his Simma Black label, which released his newest collaborated single with Mr V, “My House.”

“My House” brings a funky, lighthearted, and pure house sound to the dance floor. A rhythmic bassline syncs nicely with the hi-hats and overall drum pattern. Throughout the track, you hear a welcoming voice, “I want to hear house and a soulful sound.” During an interview with Noiseporn, Low Steppa wrote “I think house will always be around.” That statement certainly seems possible with the likes of Low Steppa and his latest single.

The soulful single is the type of track that makes you want to jump and slide. You can’t sit still while listening to it. The buildups are anticipated and the drops are nothing but satisfactory. We cannot wait to see what Low Steppa has ready for us for 2017.

Found below is our exclusive interview with Low Steppa.

How would you define your sound? It has a house theme but also drifts into something more abstract. 

I guess I just make music and then it turns out how it turns out, i don’t like to go too tough though, definitely like to keep it very house based, nothing too crazy but I like to have an open mind when it comes to the studio. Sometimes I want to make a dancefloor track then next time I go in the studio I might want to just make something without a purpose. 

Do you feel the term “deep house” is being overly simplified?

The term deep house has been destroyed really, a lot of what has been labelled as deep house over the past few years as been labelled totally wrong, and has been more bass heavy or future house. 

Who are some of your inspirations? 

Some of my biggest inspirations I think have come from music I heard as a kid and stayed with me such as The Prodigy’s first album The Experience and Orbital Snivilization. Inspiration comes from so much music though now, disco, tech, techno, anything that makes me want to get in the studio. 

What was your favorite moment of 2016?

I think the V Festivals, they were really special, huge crowds and a chance for me to prove myself being out my comfort zone. 

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Working on my album, developing my label SIMMA Black, throwing parties, and keeping people dancing!

How do you prepare for a show? What is your setup?

I pour the vodka and then get started. I do actually try not to drink but it’s a difficult one in this business. I make sure I have the right music the show, maybe make a new intro and just make sure I’m ready for whatever way the show goes. 

How do you balance running a label, touring, and producing music? 

It’s hard, I hardly sleep, there is always something to do, it’s endless but it’s all worth it for those moments when I’m behind the decks and it all makes sense. 

Who are you listening to these days? 

I’m listening to lots of old dnb lately like Goldie’s Timeless album and lots of Bukem, Earth compilations etc, helps me to switch off for a moment. 

Where do you see electronic music going in the next decade? Do you think people will dive into deeper, more minimalistic style?

Who really knows, I think house will always be around though, not sure what sub genre exactly. 

Do you set your intention to any specific theme during a show? Such as playing with the audience or just having a good time?

I always play to the audience, some DJS don’t give a f*ck but I can’t be that, I have to play to the crowd, it’s what I do. 

Whose a musician that you have always wanted to collaborate with? 


What are some words of advice that you would give to a young producer? 

I think don’t rush the music, get it right and get it on a couple of labels you like, and build up a fanbase giving some music away too, get the people behind you and build a following and always stay humble! 

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