Brooklyn-based, Chinese-raised underground hip-hop artist Bohan Phoenix goes all out for his new track, video, and EP.

For “JALA (加辣)” (which translates to “add spice” or “add heat”), Phoenix combines elements from Eastern and Western cultures, which results in a red-hot fusion of food and rap. He raps in both Mandarin and English over a potent trap beat that incorporates a traditional Chinese instrumental, the Guzheng. Phoenix’s energy explodes out of the track throughout its entirety, making it impossible to ignore the hype that will also likely flow though your own bloodstream. 

Similar to the linguistic upbringings of Internet sensation Rich Chigga, Bohan Phoenix immigrated to the U.S. at the young age of 11 and was completely unable to speak a word of English. He learned the language by way of hip-hop, taking note of lyrics from everyone from Eminem to Tupac.

I believe that the exporting and exchanging of culture will be the key to a better future because it opens up a lane for communication outside of politics. – Bohan Phoenix

Today, Phoenix resides in Brooklyn, New York where he continues to focus on his progressing career. 2016 saw performances at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre, Williamsburg’s Baby’s All Right, and two tours throughout his home country of China. His life-long motto “lovelove,” is also conveniently the namesake for his collective/label imprint, loveloveN¥C.

Check out the brand new video for “JALA (加辣),” which premiered on 88Rising below. Make sure to also check out his full JALA 加辣 (Extra Spicy) EP as well, as every track is equally as impressive.

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