Forget about a traditional burial urn, you can now press your ashes into vinyl. Andvinyly, a new British company, is the mastermind behind this concept. For £3,000, which is about $3,758, you can immortalize yourself in a soundtrack of your choosing. The company also offers other services, such as original artwork created with your ashes and the ability to have your record distributed to vinyl stores worldwide.

This concept is a brilliant, yet strange, response to the recent resurgence of vinyl. In the past decade, vinyl has made a comeback. Retail stores, such as Urban Outfitters, have began to sell record players and vinyl records. Additionally, many different artists, such as GRiZ, have embraced the resurgence of vinyl, releasing their music on vinyl records for their fans. Whether or not this concept becomes a part of the resurgence of vinyl, it’s a unique idea, and will be sure make people think on what they want to be done with their remains when they die.

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