After an impressive comeback following a year long hiatus, Grant has come out with something truly wonderful, his new track “Constellations.” This track is more than just a lovely piece of music, it’s contributing to an important cause.


The artwork above is a collaborative effort between Grant, the Monstercat design team, and a group of teens from the BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) Oncology department in Vancouver. Oncology, for those unfamiliar with the term, is the study of cancer and tumors. The concept began with a visit to Monstercat headquarters, where the teens were treated to an evening of DJing, artwork, video games and first listens to some unreleased tracks. one of which being “Constellations.”

Together, the kids of BCCH worked with Monstercat’s design team to design the track artwork. After seeing the incredible ideas these teens were able to come up with, Grant & Monstercat decided to donate the first month of all revenue (streaming and sales) of “Constellations” to the Oncology department at BCCH! The track is a glittering, uplifting piece of music from start to finish. With it’s fast paced and irresistible chimes, it makes you feel like a sparkling fairy dancer, darting from star to star high above the world.

Take a listen to “Constellations” below:

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