Are you ready? Notaker is building up a new atmosphere through his unique production that he has been come to be known for. This isn’t just another track, it’s a story through music, and just like any story it has it’s ups and downs.

“Shimmer” is an extremely wavy electronic track that brings you two distinct bass drops. They’re similar in technique but different in texture. The 2nd drop is the first drop but with heightened manipulation from the synths and bass. The beat stays consistent while the melody becomes complex. As we stated earlier, each drop has it’s ups and downs, but every high is always the best when the precedent is one of the lowest of lows. “Shimmer” follows earlier Monstercat releases “Infinite” and “Gems,” both of which were very well-received by the label’s loyal followers.

Listen below and enjoy this roller-coaster of a story.

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