If you’re a DJ, then you know that the temptation to purchase gear is always out there. It may be hard to choose between ever-expanding product lines, but DJ Booth kindly put together a list of some of the best-selling DJ gear of 2016 in order to give you some inspiration, whether you’re in the market to buy or just looking to see what some of the most popular buys of last year were.

The top-selling media player was, unsurprisingly, the Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2, an industry standard. That was followed by an alternate, more affordable option, the Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2. The third top-purchased media player of 2016 is an unusual, but interesting, find: the Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Turntable with DJ Scratch Switch. All of these are solid buys if you want to expand your skills, or just have some fun.

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