Black Tiger Sex Machine showed the world last year, on the festival circuit, that they are one of the most unique electronic acts out there right now. The heavy, electro house predators are back with their first track in months, and it’s one of their filthiest joints yet. The title of the track is “Hell Motel,” and through their own words: “It’s more than a song. It’s the tale of a place where the creatures of the night converge to rage away.”

If you’re a fan of BTSM, you’re familiar with their comic book-esque anti-hero image. If “Hell Motel” was a place in their fictional world, you can bet it’d be somewhere they’d find trouble. The track comes in with an alarming build that drops into a four-on-the-floor earthquake that will shake your speakers. Even if electro house isn’t your favorite genre of electronic music, you have to check this one out.
Stream this monster below, and then find a nearby city to catch BTSM live, who are touring with label mates Dabin and Kai Wachi.