STéLOUSE is off to the races in 2017, having already released two tracks that have solidified their placements in winter-themed playlists everywhere. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the bass-savvy producer always finds a way to surprise you with hard-hitting beats, or insanely groovy crooners – with “Horns” enlisting the former. Although STéLOUSE (pronounced “stay loose”) is not normally one for the remix game, he couldn’t resist the suave talents of vocalist Bryce Fox.

The track opens with a slew of chopped up vocals layered over a powerful organ synth. In comes Fox’s enchanting vocals, warning you of the pains and trials of love. A muffled riser signals the incoming bass-pounder of a drop, as you sit in tense anticipation of what’s to come. Distorted guitars and a forceful bass line come barging in, as a well-crafted sub-bass makes it impossible to not bang your head accordingly.

Although it has only been out for six days, “Horns” has already amassed over 100,000 plays, proving once again that STéLOUSE is primed to conquer everything in his path. Don’t be surprised if you see him headlining smaller festivals by the end of 2017, as more and more people are starting to recognize his raw talent.


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