Looking for a psychedelic new track to get ready to while you plot some weekend shenanigans? Italian producer Big Fish and DJ Kende have you covered with their new single, “Lose My Mind” featuring David Blank.

A newcomer to the American dance music scene but by no means a novice, 6-time Platinum producer Big Fish has put his talents to work on this retro-futuristic track. Big Fish is joined on the single by DJ Kende, fresh off his 2016 success with singles like “Closer feat. ASTR” and “Blank,” the Swiss talent lends his progressive sound rooted in trap and future bass to an equally progressive single.

How to describe “Lose My Mind?” In a word, groovy. The single certainly has that funky, seventies aesthetic about it which has begun to infiltrate the music of numerous electronic artists such as Daft Punk and Justice in recent years. In “Lose My Mind,” smooth vocals courtesy of David Blank pair with seemingly incongruous drops and vocoders which somehow meld together, making the song feel at once nostalgic and authentically new—a trippy hybrid of seventies disco and contemporary electro-funk. If Lou Rawls went to a thumping warehouse party in 2017, this is what it would sound like.

“Lose My Mind” is merely the latest in a lineup of original content being released by New Noise, the brain child of Dim Mak. Originally set up as a launching pad for burgeoning artists selected by Aoki and company, New Noise has become a Petri dish responsible for fostering new talent across a whole genre spectrum. New Noise takes full advantage of sites like YouTube and Twitch, producing free to download content uninhibited by copyright restrictions and encouraging amateur video producers to include links back to the artists in question within videos, live stream sessions, and more.

Check out the single here: