This fresh trap wonderwork is brought to us by GLOKMIN, a 21 year old artist from Alexandria, Virginia. GLOKMIN performs DJ sets in DC, so if you dig this track as much as we do, catch him over in the Capital City.

The track begins with the whirring of winter winds and the slow, ominous crackling sound of ice about to collapse underfoot. It’s eerie and chilling in all the right ways, making you feel as though you’ve been cast out to wander a snowy tundra. The beat picks up quick as a flash, it’s almost a pitter-pattering trap dance as the notes fall around you like snowflakes. The vocals in this track are warm but biting, “Behind that icy stare, deep in those cold blue eyes, I know a fire burns, now let me see that light.” The drop is complex and deep, a snowstorm of heart-pounding sound.

Come warm your body up and dance, before the glacier melts and it’s too late:

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