Mixmash Records founder Laidback Luke and Spinnin’ Records artist Ralvero unleash the future bass single “XOXO” (ft. Ina), a declaration of mad love. Diva Ina’s angelic intonation furthers the guys’ utopian detuned synths and arpeggio piano chords, complete with a snap yo’ fingers bassline.

“With such a strong message in the vocals and deep feel to it, we knew we wanted to do something big with this one” said Laidback Luke and Ralvero. “In times where people are confronted with all sorts of uncertainties, we want XOXO to create a movement of love. We hope people can really come together and share their love for music and each other.”

Everybody is welcome to participate in The Movement of Love by using the hashtag “#XOMOVEMENT” while posting on their social media accounts. Also, participants have the opportunity to get their hands on a pair of custom Laidback Luke headphones. I was lucky enough to catch the man of the hour Laidback Luke’s Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen, before he blesses Hong Kong with his Tai Chi and Kung Fu: Straight-Sword, Fan and Bo-Staff skills come March 17 at The Kung Fu World Championship. 

Check out our exclusive interview and the official music video for “XOXO” (ft. Ina) below, which is available to download here.

What are the similarities between the XO Movement and PLUR (peace, love, unity, respect)?

It’s pretty much the same thing except the XO Movement, might even be more intimate! More intimate like in a free hugs type of way!

Why did you chose to work with Ina?

Ina sang a couple of my favorite songs we released last year. The one with Pyrodox “Never Let Me Go,” and Ralvero’s “Run Wild” made a very big impact on me.

How long have you known Ralvero for, and why was he the best choice to co-produce “XOXO”?

I’ve been playing his tracks for years now. His name is always guaranteed for a solid production. He was the one that sent over the idea for “XOXO,” which in the demo was called ‘NGFA’ for Never Gonna Fade Away. I loved the track and really wanted to jump on it. Got the stems, did my thing with it, and here we are!

How do you select artists for Mixmash Records’ Ones To Watch sub-label? 

How it works is basically the artists that work the hardest and make the best impression by constantly blowing our minds with amazing tracks. Ones To Watch releases mainly floor tracks, so it’s essential we get crazy, club orientated tracks for that.

Which musician does [daughter] EvaLina enjoy singing or dancing to the most?

EvaLina has a very broad taste in music; she loves singing along to music! Right now, she’s mostly influenced by the movie “Trolls,” which Justin Timberlake has a big hand in. I’m a big Justin Timberlake fan, so I couldn’t be more proud!

When can we expect a new album from you?

The team and I will have a big meeting about that coming week! We have something very special and unique planned for it which we’ll discuss. The release date will probably be somewhere after the summer, but I still need to get started on it!

Currently, which series are you and Gina [Turner] binge-watching?

I’m not a binge watcher, simply because I have no time. When I watch series, it’s just briefly before bed. It’s usually something funny like “Family Guy”, “American Dad” or “South Park,” just to close the day off with a guaranteed laugh. I don’t think Gina has a series right now, but she does enjoy watching mindless TV (as she calls it) like the Housewives and stuff.

Whose track still gets you teary-eyed, even after 20+ years of disc jockeying?

Well currently, and seriously not joking, maybe because my daughter loves it but when we watch “Trolls” together and they sing “True Colors” (such a great cover of the Cindi Lauper song). It’s really hard for me to not get teary-eyed.

How does playing a set at Ultra compare to competing in the Kung Fu World Championship in Hong Kong?

Really easy! The Ultra set I mean. Being behind the decks performing is something I’ve been doing so long now! I usually go in with minimal prep for it.

I never get nervous for my sets anymore which is such a luxury! For Kung Fu, I only really perform in front of people and judges once a year, so I still get super nervous! For something like the World Championships, I’ll be prepping for as long as 4 months, which is significantly longer than I prep for Ultra.”