Nu-disco is making a comeback in the EDM world, as artists everywhere are trying to recapture that funky groove reminiscent of the glorious Daft Punk days. Jason Gaffner perfectly creates this bouncy timbre in “Phantom,” cementing his spot as a rising star in the music community.

The track doesn’t take too long to get your head bobbing, as it opens with an uptempo guitar riff layered over a punchy sub-bass. Although it instantly reminded me of “Get Lucky,” the song evolves in an incredibly unique fashion, presenting a sort of old-timey funk laden with modern sound design. The chorus is admittedly going to be stuck in my head for days, as I’ll probably be waking up with Gaffner reminding me about the “phantom in the night.”

Check out the track below, and make sure to keep an eye on Jason Gaffner for the rest of 2017!