Excited fans freaked out a few weeks back, when Calvin Harris posted a quick clip of a collab he created with Frank Ocean via his Snapchat. After quite a long silent period, we’ve all been hoping for a new release from the megastar. Calvin Harris’ Snapchat story, which revealed a new track that also seemed to feature Offset from Migos, has created quite a buzz.

But on Valentine’s Day, Harris took to his Twitter page to announce to the world that he would be releasing much more new music in 2017.

Not stopping there, he added:

This is pretty exciting news, considering his latest collaboration partner, Frank Ocean, won Best International Male Artist at last week’s VO5 NME Awards 2017. If we didn’t get excited enough over the promised new music, Harris even included a surprise for fellow musicians at home.

2017 should be an exciting year for Calvin Harris fans, with over 10 new tracks that we hope will be dropping in the earlier part of the year.