New York’s renowned Flash Factory nightclub is now facing a sexual assault lawsuit, as two patrons have claimed that they were groped during a recent visit. Jonathan Corbett and Elise Domyan filed a civil lawsuit after alleging that the club’s security staff “grabbed [Corbett’s] genitals and lifted [Domyan’s] bra off of her chest to feel her breasts beneath.” (via Thump) In conjunction with this joint suit, Corbett and Domyan are seeking $100,000 in compensation – from Flash Factory’s management – for battery and negligence.

This actually isn’t the first time Corbett has filed a lawsuit of this nature. Back in 2012, he took action against the TSA over their use of full-body scanners at airports, claiming they were an immense invasion of privacy. Fast forward two years, and a team of UCSD researchers actually proved that Corbett had a right to be angry, revealing that it was incredibly easy to sneak weapons passed the inefficient scanners.

All in all, Flash Factory should be shaking in their boots right now with a passionate Corbett and Domyan against them. These two seem to have a nose for injustice, and the fire to eradicate it in any way possible.