Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat label has just released a double-disc compilation of unheard and unreleased tracks through its collaboration with Balance Music. Mixed by Cattaneo himself, Balance Presents Sudbeat Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo digs deep into the Sudbeat network of international rising talents, bringing lesser-known and promising talents to the surface. On the process of selecting songs, the DJ says, “Working as a DJ, I get hundreds of links with new music every week. It is a great opportunity to discover really interesting stuff to put on the label.” Cattaneo mentions that the pairings and sequencings of the mixes almost picked themselves: “When you have a clear music identity and so many great artists on the label, it’s really enjoyable to put together an album like this.” Purchase the compilation on Beatport.

The smooth, introspective Disc 1 of Cattaneo’s compilation begins with Toki Fuko’s “An Odor (Balance Version),” and its cascading piano chords are enough to take the listener into a sensual sedation. A number of tracks from Disc 1 are actually the downtempo sisters of club-ready mixes, representing the diversity of sounds within Sudbeat. Ben Shaw’s “Above the Clouds (Dream Version)” is aptly named with its soft echoes and electronic arpeggios. Ian Dillon’s hypnotizing “Embers” carries the middle of the mix, and Henry Saiz provides an airy ending with “Life Is…”

If Disc 1 is your morning cup of an impeccably foamed chai latte, then Disc 2 is that icy glass of Johnny Walker Black Label that keeps you company as the clock strikes midnight. It’s a swift, sensual affair with an edge of mystery layered throughout. The mix, with 15 tracks spread out over 78 minutes, takes all of one minute to warm up as Simon Vuarambon and Sidartha Siliceo’s “Liberation” summons the listener in. The beat weaves effortlessly into Tara Brooks’ ethereal “Yugen.” Heating things up halfway through the mix is Cattaneo and Soundexile’s “Deneb,” and the mix provides a blissful comedown as another track of theirs, “Pressure Drop,” eases its way in. Disc 2 perfectly contrasts the first with its uptempo rhythms, making for a well-rounded compilation.

Balance Presents Sudbeat Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo is available for purchase on Beatport.