Heart-shaped sunglasses, peach thongs pressed against perfectly tanned derrieres, triangle bikini tops bursting at the seams and 11 hours wasted (pun intended) on Miami’s extravagant Nikki Beach. Las Vegas dyad Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf unleash their single “Back to Baesics,” a prelude to Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Miami Music Week party set for Thursday, March 23.

The adrenaline pumping anthem is a snare roll, hard-lined 808 and horn section ménage à trois. The chant sample “We gonna bring it back back back,” reincarnates 90’s Hip House hit “Pump Up The Jam.” “Back to Baesics” is one of three tracks highlighted on Shelco Garcia and Bryan Orellana’s (Teenwolf) freshest EP Moon’s Out Goons Out. Spice up your playlist with Garcia and Orellana’s 2014 banger “That’s My Jam,” a surefire way to turn any shitty house party into a full-fledged rager.

“‘Back To Baesics’ has been a secret weapon in our sets. Whenever we drop that record the crowd is sure to lose their minds,” said Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf. “I guess we wouldn’t say it’s our signature sound, but it’s definitely our signature style as in left field and catches you off guard.” Check out Mixmash Records’ Miami Music Week Teaser here, and if you’re interested tickets are available here.

Get turnt with “Back to Baesics” below: