St. Louis local Pershard Owens publishes his single “Done,” an adulterous manifesto. Owens belts out, “You sucked me dry. I can’t deny, the only apple who had my eye.” Rhythmic pioneers Aretha Franklin, Kayne West and Bruno Mars shaped Owens’ sound. Owens came, saw and conquered rapper Akon’s 2016 Konvict Kartel Showcase in Atlanta, Ga. The pitch-perfect proclamation fuses deep house and trap together, coining the subgenre ‘EDM soul.’ Spirituality played a mighty hand in the formation of Owens’ career; church introduced him to the higher power of music.

“When you’re driving and the lane you’re in doesn’t fit your driving style, you change lanes,” said Owens. “With the new style, I’m doing the same. The genres that are out now don’t fit me. I’m not restricted to one type of music. I’m creating my own lane for outsiders who never felt good enough, who were told they had to drive in the normal lane.”

Experience “Done” below:

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