News of Derek Vincent Smith’s upcoming project has been making rounds and he revealed in late December that he would be releasing a new Pretty Lights video album in early 2017. While no official release date has been set for the album, which has been rumored to drop on April 20, Pretty Lights has kickstarted March with a collection of unreleased music to keep his fans on their toes.

Pretty Lights’ live performances are one of his most attractive qualities with the unique visuals and renditions of his tracks in a concert setting. Smith and the Pretty Lights band strive to push the envelope in terms of fusing live electronic music and jazz and jam band instruments in unique, scintillating ways with each passing tour.

Today, Pretty Lights released a staggering 31-track album of live edits for his classic songs from different stops throughout his Episodic Festival Tour to his YouTube channel. The video features songs such as “More Important Than Michael Jordan,” “So Much In The Dark,” and “Yellow Bird.” These live renditions highlight Pretty Lights and his band’s keen ability to completely invert his original music without compromising its integrity.

Check out the playlist below!