Rumors have been making rounds as to whether Skrillex is officially back with his former band, From First To Last, or not. Last month, he returned to the band as the lead singer for the release “Make War,” and joined the band in L.A. last week for “Emo Nite” and performed a handful of songs with them.

On From First To Last’s official Twitter page, Skrillex is also included in their cover photo, which only adds fuel to the fire.

During an interview with Alternative Press on the red carpet at the Grammys, Skrillex addressed the rumors when he was asked about the whole situation.

“I guess I left the band, but I would say I’m not left anymore. I’m not stopping what I’m doing with Skrillex either, but I haven’t left anymore,” said Skrillex.

As far as a full album coming from “Make War,” Skrillex said, “We’ll see.”