LA based producer and DJ Nathaniel Knows just made his 2017 debut with this headfuck of a track titled “ABBA.” We really don’t know how to categorize this crazy song, and we think that’s just what Knows & his partners in crime, Dirt Monkey and Shamon Cassette, intended.

“ABBA” fuses the melodic elements of four-on-the-floor house with punchy, glitchy bass. Completed with a vocal top-line from Cassette, “ABBA” carries the listener through hip-hop to heavy bass soundscapes. Get about one minute into the track and you’ll find its almost a completely different song. Dirt Monkey funks up the works with his easily distinguishable clangy scratches, dominating the epic drop.

We’re hoping to hear more from tastemaker Knows later on this year. Grab “ABBA” for free here if you’re feeling it, and listen in below.