Thanks to a series of tweets by a Gorillaz fan with the opportunity to meet Damon Albarn, we’re pretty sure that Gorillaz is about to return. The man by the Twitter handle of  @_JackWinstanley claims that Albarn “got a new hat for the Gorillaz tour and started dancing,” and that “they’ve finished the album and are rehearsing right now.”

The album is done. Given Gorillaz’ reputation for being innovative and experimental, it’s impossible to predict when it will finally be heard. Nevertheless, this information is undoubtedly a big deal.

The animated band is currently rehearsing, meaning a tour is most likely underway. Given that most major festival lineups for the upcoming season have already been announced, the possibility of a more personal tour seems likely and possible.

In accompaniment with this information is a photo taken with Albarn himself, making these claims into more-than-most-likely truths. While no information regarding dates has been provided so far, it’s likely we’ll be hearing a lot from Gorillaz soon.