The Alamo isn’t the Lone Star State’s only historic attraction; ladies and gentleman, I give you Lil Texas. The Los Angeles transplant and Tokyo’s Trekkie Trax record company recently released a 4-track EP 4 Ever. Skrillex’s Nest HQ and Vice Media’s THUMP took a vested interest in 4 Ever by premiering featured singles “4 Ever” and “I’m Yours,” one week before the extended play dropped. Sam Barry’s (Lil Texas) EP echoes Flume’s enchanting flair with a helping of bubblegum trap. Heavenly synths, feminine undertones, cutlery clanking, glitter rainbows and hypervelocity stars aid Lil Texas in administering a lethal dose of the feels.

Barry is the founder of M|O|D Music and formerly swore an oath of allegiance to Brighton’s avant-garde Donky Pitch Records in 2013, that is until he was introduced to Trekkie Trax two years ago. What began as a demo submission, swiftly evolved into 4 Ever. Since Trekkie Trax’s 2012 inception, their “track record” of over 70 official releases from the label’s bread-and-butter DJ’s, including Carpainter and Masayoshi limori, is ambitious to say the least. OWSLA artist Mija isn’t the only producer repping a Trekkie Trax bomber jacket, Seimei Kawai’s krew has an endless supply of supporters: Diplo, Major Lazer, A-Trak, Baauer, RL Grime, Porter Robinson, Ookay and UZ.

“My music for this EP is intended to take the listener through a journey of emotions, particularly love,” said Lil Texas. “With love, comes joy, excitement, vulnerability, and fear; all feelings that make the journey worthwhile.”

Feel the love below:

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