Daniel Pollard, also known as HXV (Heroes x Villains), has been an integral part of the evolution of trap, rap and electronic music for years. Standing as a pioneer in these realms, he is a creator known to challenge, disrupt, and reframe whatever medium he chooses. As a firm believer in “creating the world for your art to live in,” HXV is venturing into the darkness while providing a sonic landscape for fans and listeners alike.

HXV explained, “A lot of the new music I’ve been writing is going back to my roots and music I have loved since I was a kid. I noticed textures, sounds and the feeling I got from music I enjoyed to listen to found in NIN, Depeche Mode, Deftones, Beach House, My Bloody Valentine, and Slowdive weren’t in anything I was doing.”

Kicking off 2017, HXV returns to form and is more focused than ever. The Atlanta native DJ begins his musical journey of self discovery by venturing into the unknown with his new single, “Where Do We Go From Here.” The track comprises of crushing basslines and heavy distortion, colliding together into a soundscape that embodies the metaphors of a supermassive black hole, sucking in listeners with it’s ethereal melodies.

“I started to explore new tempos, new sounds and textures and tried to incorporate that into my work. I was also faced with the challenge of writing music that will connect without vocals or a vocal hook of any kind. To make something heavy, personal, and still human without human elements. I left Where Do we Go From Here purposefully minimal, cavernous, this is the beginning of a longer process. I wanted to set out and define what HXV is and sounds like once and for all, not as a reaction to the project’s environment, but something separate from EDM, separate from traditional festival music. Something that stands on its own,”
said HXV.

Check out “Where Do We Go From Here” below: