It’s not normal for us NoisePorn writers to cover two tracks from the same artist in the same month – let alone the same week – yet StéLouse made it impossible to refrain. His latest track, titled “Shivers n Gold,” takes original sound design to a new level, proving once again that he deserves the utmost attention and respect from the EDM community.

The track opens with a soothing combination of guitar plucks and a muffled piano. Mascolo’s alluring vocals come rolling in, and you’re already starting to download the song so you can add it to your love-makin’ playlist. What separates this track from the rest, however, is the vocal modulations during the drop. I’ve heard vocal modulations applied as the centerpiece of a drop hundreds of times, but I’ve never heard a track where they weren’t monotonous or overwhelming. This specific modulation has a type of finesse which is very hard to explain, but it’s not your normal Marshmello-esque happy house synth progression.

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