Belgian artist Alex Lustig brings us summer early with his new track that’ll make you feel like sailing away. “Do Wrong (ft. Ayelle) “is a new electronic chill track that really keeps the essence of relaxation in tune with it’s vibrant electronic sound. Alex Lustig is a seasoned hip hop/grime producer having worked with the likes of Young Thug and Skeme. With the support of many of his previous collaborations, he’s now ready to step out onto his own with “Do Wrong.”

“I know I don’t make it easy”, coos Ayelle over broody, deep water synths as the soundwaves echo throughout the listener’s vicinity. Lustig’s coy and skillful splicing of Ayelle’s hazy alto sets the track’s film noir hue, as she sings the repeated hook, “I know how to make good men do wrong,” which in turn has the sensual edge that many modern chill tracks look to embody. If you listen closely, waves echo and crash in the background, symbolizing the sensation of being beachside with the waves washing away your worries.

Experience “Do Wrong” below:

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