Ekali, the Vancouver-born and raised DJ, has officially surpassed every expectation we could have. This guy has been getting more popular each and every day and his brand new mix ‘Awakening – Mix.1’ has got everyone talking. Each song perfectly leads into the next and the mix has the perfect combination of sounds for every listener. When releasing the first mix of the series, he took to SoundCloud:

“Welcome to my new mix series, Awakening. This is my outlet to show you what tunes I’ve been listening to on the road, across the board from energetic music to more ethereal sounds. I’m challenging myself to mix all these tunes in creative and challenging ways… I hope you enjoy the result.”

It’s not that often where DJs come across so authentic and raw when describing their newly released mixes; it is clear that this was made with passion and pure talent. Ekali now has 133K followers on SoundCloud and every song he releases not only becomes the hit of SoundCloud, but becomes everyone’s morning, afternoon, and night anthem. As he secretly knows we were all waiting for the tracklist, he thankfully shared it with us via Twitter. Check out this ingenious set and tracklist below, which includes our premiere of sumthin sumthin’s “Bloom,” before you regret you didn’t and show this guy some love!



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