Belgian music label Kinetik Records has released their first The Revenge Various Artists EP. The Revenge VA EP features producers from all corners of the world: HRTBT (Belgium), Snooze (France), Non Native (USA) & GNRLY Pantherz (Czech Rebulic). 

The label’s The Revenge VA EP is nothing short of amazing, showcasing what they have labeled as “a journey through the ‘bass’ spectrum.”

The first track on the EP is “Dirty South” by HRTBT, and it’s everything groovy. This house bass hit has an old-style feel to it that everyone can love. Shifting into a much grimier sound comes “Whiplash” from Snooze. The track is aptly named; if your neck doesn’t hurt from head-banging after hearing this one, I’d be surprised. Track three brings us into Non Native’s track “Flawless,” which is full of heavy drops and intense bass. Last but not least, GNRLY Pantherz’s “Take It” future bass blasts through the speakers as instantly feel-good hit.

The Revenge VA EP is set to be released exclusively on Juno, Spotify & Beatport from March 6, 2017 and on all other webstores from March 20, 2017.