Slaptop has quickly established himself as a producer with no genre, or sonic territory, off limits, which can be heard in his tracks such as “It Isn’t Mine,” “Sunrise,” “Distraction,” “Away,” “Can’t Figure It Out,” and more. Electronic music has also presented an opportunity for Slaptop for fusing a myriad of musical influences into one seamless experience. His chart-topping originals and esteemed official remixes for top-billing acts include Zhu, Fetty Wap, Bob Moses, Jaymes Young and more.

Now, the San Francisco-based producer marks the next evolution of his career with the release of his debut album, With You. The 11-track album consists of original productions featuring both vocals from Slaptop himself as well as a number of collaborations including Geneva White, Will Fraker, Olivia Florentino, Tate Kobang, Maxine Marcus, and Adam Levine protégé, Rozzi Crane. With You also stands as the debut release form his newly founded label Sunsquad Records.


From jazz influences, to pop, to hip-hop, Slaptop successfully leaves no genre untouched on the album. Seamlessly moving from tracks like “Passenger” featuring Will Fraker- a disco house club seeker that also found a home on The Magician’s Potion Records- to “What I Mean,” a rap and pop crossover track that utilizes verses from Tate Kobang to cement it’s versatility, With You as a whole, will appeal to listeners across the spectrum.

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