Thanks to the live webcams at EarthCam, you can watch as the stage for Ultra Music Festival 2017 is brought to life. Upon a skyscraper in downtown Miami lies a camera, which provides a live feed to the website, located in a position so convenient that you can check back every couple of hours and see the stage as it gets built.

Though there isn’t a lot to see at the time of this article’s release, the base and shape of the stage are taking shape to the top left of the fountain at the bottom center of the screen. Over the course of the next few days, the stage should become more and more of a spectacle.

While no one knows for sure what exactly the stage will look like yet, many rumors are circulating on reddit and the rest of the internet. On Dec. 26th, Ultra tweeted two emojis of diamonds with dots inside of them, which is something that they’ve been known to do in order to tease stage setups.

On EarthCam’s YouTube page, you can watch a time-lapse of the stage’s construction from 2015 from start to finish.