Atmozfears, who is also known as Tim van de Stadt, is a Dutch hardstyle producer who is making moves and expanding his fanbase with a unique and energetic sound. From what originally started as a trio in 2008, Atmozfears has become a huge name in dance music globally. Atmozfears is ready to rock the future and will continue working non-­stop to take this scene to the next level! Check out this interview I was able to catch, prior to his show in downtown Los Angeles at the famous Belasco Theatre, and find out about what motivates Atmosfearz to keep making hardstyle magic.

How are you enjoying your time in America?

So far, so good. Yeah, I’ve been here a couple of times before but just as a visitor, and I’ve lived in LA once. It’s good being here and playing here. It’s a really good crowd, I’ve enjoyed every moment so far.

What motivated you take on music as a career?

It actually happened as kind of an accident. I started out making music for fun and experimenting with my mom as an opera singer. My dad was a software engineer and I naturally started messing with both of those things. My mom also forced me to take piano lessons and go into choir and it got me to a level where my hobby was taking over as a job. That’s how I got into making actual music and pursuing it as a career.

How has your music progressed from 2012 up until now?

You also have to look at the entire hardstyle scene, I think it’s evolved into a much more mature genre. We also have a lot of pop influences now, so I think pop has influenced me a lot. I didn’t really make vocal tracks back in the days, it was more like the older hardstyle stuff. So, that’s how hardstyle progressed, the other side is in Holland there’s a big raw movement, the harder stuff that’s the Anti-pop, euphoric hardstyle right now.

How does your energetic style set you apart from other artists?

I tend to not listen to other hardstyle producers so much. There’s a lot of new talent that listen a lot to their idols in the hardstyle scene. That’ s what separates me from a lot other producers.

How do the hardstyle fans differ from country to country as you travel?

Well, there’s definitely a big difference between for example; compare the Dutch crowd and the American crowd. The American crowd is not as spoiled yet here as in Holland. Like in Holland, you would have a really big line-up with a lot of headliners and people would be standing with the beers in their hand, not even raving. When you get here, you have like even one DJ, they go crazy from beginning to the end. So, that’s one big difference. Also, first from country to country like Germany to Belgium, they get more crazy the further away from Holland you get.

How do you feel about one of your recent tunes, “What About Us?”

This collab with Audiotricz, it just happened. We were just messing around, we were having fun and suddenly we had a golden idea for that kind of track. We started out by making a jazzy, piano with the vocals. Then, we were like fuck it, let’s make a track out of this.

How’s your experience been on the Gate Tour so far?

Last month I was in Houston and Dallas, which was really good, and last Wednesday I was in Seattle, which was still really good on a Wednesday,.ople came out to see me and were really raving for me from beginning to the end.

Any motivating thoughts or final advice for your fans?

I’d love to say thank you for supporting their favorite artists all of the time, because most of the artists make music for themselves, but to have their music appreciated by so many is a blessing. I’d like to say thank you to those people. 

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