Jus Jack has his work cut out for him. From killing it in the studio, to performing at esteemed festivals, to running his very own successful nightclub, this New York-based artist is all over the place. 

Having just released a brand new single, “Love Somebody” ft. Nico Greene, out on Armada’s new imprint Bearded Man, we thought it would be the perfect time to see how he keeps it all together.

Check out our exclusive interview and listen to Jus Jack’s exciting new single below.

Hi Jack, thanks for speaking with us today! So you’re a club owner and also a producer/DJ. Would you consider yourself more one than the other?

Hey Guys, it’s a pleasure to sit down with you guys for an interview. To be honest, it varies at times, sometimes I have to dive back into the business and make sure things run smoothly to handle day to day operations, but I always find the time for my production work. My DJ touring sometimes gets the short end of things when it gets hectic.
In my ideal world, I would definitely be leaning more and more towards production and touring.

You’ve headlined venues across the world, such as Marquee NY, Pacha, Studio Paris and New City Gas. Is there a favorite venue or city of yours to play?

Well, Pacha in my Hometown of NY will always have my heart, It is still one of the few places I know that had created a culture of music lovers. I feel like most identities lately get lost in profits and scaleability. In some of these venues, the fans are treated like ticket sales and table spends.
Don’t get me wrong, playing for a large crowd is always fun, so I feel lucky with that. But I am not a big fan of opportunistic nightlife culture. I am also a big fan of New City Gas. The environment they have set up for events is great.

How did you get started in DJing and when did that transform into being one of New York’s major nightlife impresarios?

I started out really young, my brother actually had a friend who was a dj and they bought some equipment together. They lost interest quickly and there I had the opportunity to learn on that equipment. I practiced and spent almost all of the money I had hitting the city in search of the perfect records. I went on to DJ a lot of NY venues. After I graduated I needed to make a decision on where my life would take me. I realized I wanted to stay in the music business and so I ventured into my first Nightclub. There I had some of NY’s Elite work and promote my venue. It developed almost all the relationships I have now. I had Jason Strauss, Noah Teppenberg from Tao and Strategic group, Mike Satsky from Provocateur, Flash Factory, Ritchie Akiva now of 1 Oak and Up and Down, and many others working with me there. Its great to work with people I have worked with in both parts of my career. So when playing NY, getting booked to play Marquee with my long time friends because of the music I create and DJ sets I perform is great!

What do you look for when booking artists to play at your nightlife hotspot, Central Lounge?

I really like to book artists that fit the energy of my room. I try not to book based on popularity. We have built a culture here at Central. We have a nice crowd that attends Fridays and Saturdays regularly. SO when I book an artist, it’s more of a treat for our clientele to enjoy. So guys like EDX, Nora en Pure, Robbie Rivera and many others really fit the mold we have created in the space.

You’ve recently released your new single, “Love Sombody” with Rico Greene, on Armada’s The Bearded Man. What was your inspiration for this track?

This track really came to form after I finished the initial background and arrangement. I sent it to Rico Greene to help with the topline and we created a great track. I try to really get a meaningful lyric content when producing. I want ppl to be able to relate and sing along. And really give them a meaningful piece of music that can have a lasting impression.

Following several successful releases on TBM, you have signed on for two more this year. What do you love about working with this label?
I really just love working with a group, Armada and Bearded Man that really puts their support around you. They help guide you through and believe in what you are doing. It’s refreshing to know your label is so supportive. Love you guys!

How do you balance everything? You must have a lot going on a day-to-day basis.

I try to stay as focused and organized as possible. I built a support team around Central that creates a great system. I use it for my music as well. I try to remove some parts that take the fun out of it and consume my time the most. Mix downs and Mastering I now send out to help clear up time for me to stay creative. Other then that, I want to always have time to create a something great in what I produce, and what I provide for my customers at Central.

You’ve seen both sides of the industry, which a lot of other people don’t get the chance to do. Do you have any advice for artists who are trying to make a name for themselves?

I do! Stay focused and always remember, great things take time, effort, and talent. Keep all that up and theres no end to what you can achieve. As for playing in a venue, take the time to see what the culture is like in the area, and the venue so that you can create a lasting impression of your performance, to the venue, and or promoter. They can be your best supporters!

Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule for our interview! Any last words?

Yes! I am looking forward to putting out more and more music throughout the year, l’ll be in touch! Thanks Noiseporn!

Listen to Jus Jack’s brand new single, “Love Somebody,” out now on The Bearded Man, below.

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