What do you when you’ve had enough of the filtered whirrs of your TB-303? You do what artist Dmitriy Morozov did and make a synthesizer out of your own blood, of course.

Morozov, also known as ::vtol::, is a master of sound inventions. For his blood-fueled synthesizer, the Russian artist spent several months draining 4.5 liters of his own blood, which would then be mixed with distilled water, glucose, and other substances to create “batteries.” To power the synthesizer, the blood-battery mixture would be poured into a metal-and-glass contraption fit for an episode of American Horror Story. A speaker at the bottom of the installation would then erupt with eerie, ominous sounds.

During Morozov’s live demonstration of the instrument last December at the Kapelica gallery in Slovenia, the artist drained an additional 2.5 liters of his blood to give the synthesizer a direct current for eight hours.

Morozov was partially motivated by his “desire to create a techno-biological hybrid device … that uses my vitality to create electronic sounds.” However, the artist made sure to point out that this was “not an attempt to create advanced technology … It was a symbolic act,” representing the ephemeral nature of existence.

Can’t get any more goth than that. Check out Morozov’s latest invention below.

(Thump, Billboard)