Pandora is doing something that we have been waiting a long time for.

With a new premium service at $9.99 a month, users will be able to individually pick a song or album they want to listen to, minus the advertisements. Now, Pandora is a free service where users can listen to songs by inputting an artist or genre they like. Pandora has finally realized that they have to step up their game a bit. Other services like Apple Music and Spotify are their major competitors, so they are hoping to speed up to them as fast as possible, hopefully with this upcoming change.


USA Today

Pandora CEO and founder Tim Westergren said in a statement:

“With Premium, we’re leveraging our immense trove of data and everything we’ve learned about personalization to offer a listening experience that sets a new standard for what a music service should be.”

Here are the new features you will receive with Premium:

Downloads: ability to download songs, albums, playlists and stations.

Smart playlists: ability to create playlists with one or two songs and if you desire, Pandora will fill the playlist with similar songs.

My Thumbs Up playlists: Every song that you decide to “thumbs up” on Pandora is moved into your “My Thumbs Up” playlist. After a couple songs are “thumbs up”, a new playlist with similar songs to those will automatically be created.



For a Pandora Premium invite, visit the Pandora site.

(US Today)