This vibrant future bass melody is the brainchild of L.A. producer Varun and tastemaking duo AVE & EFX. “Bill Murray” is a delicate, ambient beat composed of light piano chords and swirling synths with truly addictive lyrics.

The song is completed and perfected with Andy Marsh’s tender vocals. “Thinking about us laughing until 3, Bill Murray on TV, you whispered that I’m all you wanted. Legs tangled in the sheets, now we don’t even speak, why can’t you love me like you used to?” Sad as these lyrics are, the beat is so bouncy and fun it transforms this tender track into the perfect driving song.

Not to be confused with the Phantogram song of the same name, we’re pretty sure this title came from somewhere personal to the songwriters, just as the lyrics would suggest. We think Bill Murray would be proud of this one.

“Bill Murray” is out now via Lowly Palace, Trap Nation’s next generation label. Experience it below:

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