In typical Kanye West fashion, the hip-hop artist might be mysteriously hinting at an album release next week.

According to MTV, West might have just subtly alerted the world that new music is on the way. They received a VHS tape branded with the American creed “E Pluribus Unum” and a whited-out mock-up of a credit card with the number “772233688″ on it, along with West’s name, NASA and “PROJECT 10” etched into its corners. The tape’s video played a no-signal image with white noise as audio.

Additionally, there is a cryptic website launched that matches the credit card number with Kanye West’s name and a date of March 20th signified. 

This can mean a few things: Kanye West is dropping a NASA-themed album, titled PROJECT 10, next week, Daft Punk rumor-heads are back at it again, MTV is crazy, or Kanye West is taking a one-way trip to Mars

Head to the website here and decide for yourself.