Audiophiles’ breathe of fresh air, “Lemniscate [The Place Between Sleeping And Awake],” solemnly stands somewhere between heaven and hell. The single is featured on Crywolf’s March 10 EP release, Skeletons. Lemniscate is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity. “I’m just a waste of skin, but love is seeping through my bones” mutters Crywolf’s Justin Taylor Phillips. Vulnerable vocalic, classical piano, subtle strumming and xylophone morsels coddle the somber singer.

Phillips’ ingenuity charted his first four EPs in the top 3 on iTunes and led to approximately 150 million total online streaming plays. Bassnectar and Ellie Goulding have even fallen prey to Crywolf’s prowess; Bass God Lorin Ashton (Bassnectar) remixed Phillips’ 2015 release “Rising, Rising.” Clearly, SXSW didn’t satiate his carnivorous appetite, since Phillips is playing BOTH weekends of summer 2017’s Electric Forest in Rothsbury, Mich. One just wasn’t enough!

Check out Skeletons in full below: