When it comes to switching things up, JAUZ never disappoints.

Last Friday, on the heels of “Claim To Be” released just one week prior, Sam Vogel (aka JAUZ) dropped this insane new single, “The Game.” The track opens with ping pong-esque sounds reminiscent of Martin Garrix’s “Animals,” which transform into the driving element of the songs’ four to the floor classic house drop, providing a distinct, new yet timeless sound to add to the JAUZ portfolio. The break of the song is an 8-bit arpeggio driven melody, which builds into another drop that’s a fusion of the whole song’s vibe, as well as JAUZ’ signature bass house sound we’ve come to expect.

JAUZ’ previously released track “Claim To Be” has noticeably similar album artwork and even shares song structure with his newest banger. While it’s impossible to tell if this means an EP is on the way, or the tracks just seem to fit together coincidentally, JAUZ is undeniably on a roll and every release has been immensely satisfying.

Last year, JAUZ’ remixes of the Chainsmokers’ “Closer,” Porter Robinson’s “Language,” his partnership with Splice and his insane collaborations with Skrillex, Marshmello, Ghastly and Netsky have launched him to the forefront of the electronic scene. With the backbone already made for another year of even more success, JAUZ is definitely an artist you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

You can listen to and download “The Game” on JAUZ’ SoundCloud below: