Laidback Luke went for the gold at this year’s Kung-Fu World Championships and came through with the win.

The producer/DJ has once again dominated in the field of his beloved Kung-Fu at the World Championships in Hong Kong over the weekend. Coming away with 3 Gold, 2 Silver, and 1 Bronze medals, he’s topped his 2013 Italy win, where he secured 4 Gold medals. His Hong Ying Pro team acquired 20 Gold medals in full, which includes a record-breaking 8 medals for Luke’s long time teacher, Sifu Mark.

A lucky group of Miami Music Week attendees will have the chance to learn more about Luke’s Kung-Fu skillfulness at his exclusive workshop, taking place at the W Hotel on Thursday, March 23rd. The class is a unique opportunity for fans to see the master at work, but not behind the decks. The class is officially at capacity and will be filled with fans from around the world who will be able to gain some insight from Luke in an entirely new context.

If you’re not on the list for the workshop, you can still catch Luke smash it at his Mixmash Pool Party on the same day as he plays his highly-anticipated Ultra Music Festival set on Saturday, March 25th. More information is available here.