SUBPAC. You’re sure to have heard the name floating around from producers, fans, artists, and labels. If someone you know is lucky enough to have one of these Physical Audio products, then you’re likely to hear about it. As a revolutionary audio technology company, SUBPAC is bringing the FEELING of music and sound to the world through Physical-Sound® technology that profoundly enhances a traditional listening experience.

We had to see what all the hype was about, and we were happily impressed, but, let’s start at the beginning. After forgetting that the SUBPAC S2 was on its way to us, I received a massive package that was light enough for me to carry to our fourth floor office. We tore apart its contents to find a seamlessly packaged SUBPAC S2 and BackPAC. I mean, the thing even looks cool.

We quickly figured out that all it takes is two minor connections to start working and since our SUBPAC was fully charged, we got right into it. I started by pressing play on whatever song I was listening to (which, naturally, had heavy bass) and rested the palm of my hand on the lightweight SUBPAC. I could immediately feel the bass vibrating throughout my entire arm. If only Beethoven had one of these–he would have made killer dubstep.

In all of about 15 seconds, I attached the SUBPAC’s included straps to the product, strapped it to my chair, and turned on some tunes. I instantly said something mildly inappropriate, which was probably along the lines of “holy shit.” If you thought you knew what bass running through every vein in your body felt like, you’ll have to think again, because I can assure you that you’ve never felt bass like this. It’s an unexplainable feeling, but it’s a wicked one. 

I had to continue to explore all of the heavy bass depths of the SUBPAC, so I headed over to the company’s FEEL.SUBPAC page, the new (beta) platform for physical audio, where you can find songs produced specifically for SUBPAC listening. My jaw physically dropped and I immediately threw the SUBPAC over to my co-worker, who had no other choice after I demanded that he try it out. He too, agreed that the SUBPAC will ruin regular listening forever.

“It lets you feel the music like never before. Every record I make from now on will be optimized for feeling, for the SubPac,” said Timbaland.

Going back to headphone listening after using the SUBPAC is significantly disappointing. Luckily, the company also included a BackPAC for us to try out, so I placed the S2 inside the specified pocket, connected to Bluetooth, and walked around the office with the backpack strapped to my back, because there was no way that I was waiting until my post-work commute to try it out. It’s relatively low volume, stylish, and effective. The SUBPAC paired with the BackPAC definitely does not feel as strong as it did when strapped to my chair, but I can imagine it would be a fun way to travel, while getting some extra bass. I would envision skiing and snowboarding as two very solid uses for the BackPAC.

The S2’s top selling points, beyond the bass capabilities itself, are the maximum contact, slim control box, and Li-ion rechargeable battery, which now runs 8+ hours. In addition–production heads should get a real kick out of it, by way of a more immersive production experience, no matter what kind of studio set-up that you have. Producers can check out video tutorials from Tom Frampton, Dada Life, and more, to see a heavyweight in action with the SUBPAC, and also download other impressive production tools. The next product I’m really looking forward to trying out is the SUBPAC M2, used by DJs, so I can get a more direct feeling of wearable and interactive bass. 

I can rave about the SUBPAC all I want, but it’s truly worth the real life test. That’s why we teamed up with the brand for an epic giveaway, allowing you to win your own S2 and BackPAC.

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We received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.