Aspiring vocalist and pianist, Kelsi, has done a large variety of covers for popular artists such as The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris and many more. Now, she is currently focusing on developing her own through the project MiKel.

Michael, who also goes by BLVCK LIGHT, has been trained classically in school to play a variety of instruments and sing classical repetoire. He’s been DJing and producing for seven years and studied music production in college, where he utilized those skills to create high-energy tracks.

With Kelsi’s creativity and Michael’s motivation to ensure success, the two of them came together to put a fresh new twist on Borgeous and BRKLYN’s, “Miracle,” with Lenachka. They implement their natural talent through the use of live instruments together with the hard-hitting synths and effects to create a fresh track, giving the original a fresh new groove that people have never heard.

Experience “Miracle” below:

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