ZHU has definitely been cooking something up this past month. Not only did he put out his epic remix of Migos’ “Bad and Boujee,” but also his new single “Nightcrawler,” which definitely got people talking. Today, ZHU took to Instagram to tease us with a clip of a never-before-heard track that sounds like it would fit very well on an album or EP along with “Nightcrawler.”

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In a very ZHU-like fashion, the screen is all black, but we get a good chunk of the track to listen to here. It’s probably something he’s just finishing up in the studio. Both this unreleased track and “Nightcrawler” sound like throwbacks to ZHU’s older style that he blew up with. Some of his fans on social media have expressed discontent with the pop-y feel of his debut album, Generationwhy (I personally loved it), but this should calm those haters down.

It’s clear that ZHU is making some moves here to put out a body of work. Just check out www.blacklizt.club, the mysterious website he unveiled with “Nightcrawler.” When entering your phone number, you receive a text that looks a little something like this:







Who knows what it all actually means, but at this point I would be very surprised if it doesn’t end up being something big, like another album. And knowing ZHU, there will likely be no release date, and no announcements.