Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records and grime superstars Stööki Sound join forces on their latest creation, “Echoes (feat. Latroit and Lliam Taylor),” along with a remix EP. Stööki’s Dim Mak debut highlights Plastician, R3LL, Lliam Taylor and Sam F’s musical adaptations of the stirring song. “Nothing feels the same anymore, any fragment of you seems to disappear,” murmurs Latroit. “Echoes (feat. Latroit and Lliam Taylor)” applies fluent vocal harmonization techniques and dreamcatcher synths, forming a revolutionary R&B gem.

To sweeten the pot, DJ Lukey, Jelacee (Stööki Sound) and Joker announced a two month Off The Endz tour kicking off April right. Tickets are on sale now; grab one or a few dozen, just don’t be a wanker by missing out on this golden opportunity.


The original is killer, but you haven’t even heard the remixes yet. Get sexy below:

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