Kendrick Lamar has recently thrown a word of warning our way.

Lamar brought to the attention of his 7 million followers on Twitter that he has just released a new track, “The Heart Part 4”, available on Apple Music. After some fun, freeing music, his lyrics quickly became evidently political. Lamar’s words are directly aimed towards Donald Trump and the current state of affairs in America:

“Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel, punk. Tell ‘em that God comin’ and Russia need a replay button; y’all up to somethin’. Electoral votes look like memorial votes, but America’s truth aint ignorin’ the votes.”

Kendrick has released 3 other “The Hearts” tracks and they all seem to reflect on his life during the time of their releases. The first one dates back to several months before the release of his album Overly Dedicated. His new album is expected to come out April 7, and this track is just the calm before the storm.