Some of you have been holding your breath for some new electro-pop mastery from The Chainsmokers. We’re here to tell you, your prayers have been answered.

The Chainsmokers highly anticipated album Memories…Do Not Open drops next week. As a gift, the boys decided to throw us one last track from the album to whet our appetites. That piece is titled “The One.” As one of their more emotional and melodic tracks, this was the perfect song to drop before the album goes live.

Drew and Alex’s warmth and humility really shines through in this one. The lyrics delve into how grateful they are for the life they’ve created as musicians, but that this fame-ridden lifestyle has brought with it some trials, such as missing out on important memories with their friends and families. The track changes course as the song continues, describing the feeling of knowing a relationship is over but being too scared to end it. Knowing the struggles they faced in the making of this album only makes us want it more.

Memories…Do Not Open is set for release April 7! Check out “The One” below, and pre-order the album here.